A 360 view of video advertising:

Industry leaders talk OTT, CTV, and building profitable partnerships



On-demand virtual panel

We invited industry leaders to a digital panel aimed at breaking down the larger digital video ecosystem. How can we can start taking advantage of the landscape that's set to overtake traditional TV advertising in the next decade? With new innovation comes the need to establish lasting partnerships to achieve success.

Keeping ahead of competition and fraudsters alike means staying on top of the latest ways Connected Television (CTV) is reaching a growing audience. Watch our virtual panel on-demand to hear the latest thoughts on the future of OTT and CTV advertising.


  • Tal Chalozin - Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder, Innovid
  • Jessica Reed - Vice President of Product Marketing & Content Strategy, NBCU
  • Judd Rubin - Senior Vice President of Revenue, FreeWheel Advertisers


  • Joanne Miguel - Senior Vice President of Product Marketing, Integral Ad Science

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