Addressing Targeting in the Cookieless World



Third party cookies are about to crumble as a result of growing data privacy concerns. Its demise through 2021 will remain top of mind for every marketer.

As the race against time is on, how can advertisers continue to target and build meaningful connections with audiences in a new privacy-friendly, cookie-free future?

Join IAS's Programmatic Director Northern Europe, Nick Welch, and our guests as they explore the state of digital industry today, current targeting tactics that are at risk and strategies to help you transition into a privacy first world.

During the session, we will address the following questions:

  • What are the current targeting tactics that are at risk?
  • How do you evaluate and replace current targeting tactics?
  • How do you adapt to cookie-less targeting and come out on top?
  • What are the alternatives to user level targeting today?
  • How do you connect with consumers in a cookie-less world utilising contextual and semantic technologies?

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