Streaming Wars

Wave 2: The impact of stay-at-home
behaviors on CTV


WFH Watchers: Connected TV on the Rise

It seems like just yesterday that our first Streaming Wars study revealed the true ubiquity of connected TV in 2020. But since mid-March, everything has changed, including our content consumption patterns.

Unsurprisingly, video streaming access and usage rates have increased during this stay-at-home period — but which platforms have watchers gravitated toward, and from which have they moved away? Almost 50% of respondents have added a free service since the start of 2020, but another 20% have added a paid subscription as a result of the evolving coronavirus situation.

As paid and free streaming services go head to head once more, IAS continues to explore the second wave of Streaming Wars in our follow-up study.

Read the full results now. 

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