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16th Edition: March 2022

At Integral Ad Science, we measure trillions of data events monthly and observe global media quality developments in real-time. The Media Quality Report (MQR) leverages this data to offer an industry barometer against which ad buyers and sellers may benchmark the quality of their campaigns and inventory.

In this edition of the MQR, we're excited to announce the debut of our newest benchmark, vertical insights. Initially available at the regional level, these metrics give ad buyers and sellers further insight into the performance of six verticals in relation to media quality benchmarks around the world.

As the advertising industry faced lingering challenges brought by the pandemic throughout the back half of 2021, the industry learned to evolve as consumers' behaviors pivoted to fit the world around them. In our latest MQR, we dive into the digital media trends and key findings of H2 2021 to provide actionable opportunities for the industry as we become increasingly more hybrid.

Download the report today to utilize IAS’s market-leading global benchmarks for better media quality and marketing outcomes.

Interested in more global media quality insights? Check out our regional reports here, translated to support industry experts around the world. ​

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