Misinformation &

Media Quality

How fake news impacts the digital advertising industry



Advertising in the age of misinformation

Misinformation continues to be an ominous concern looming over the digital landscape. Media professionals are becoming increasingly uneasy about the spread of misleading content – in fact, experts flag it as the most concerning of all media quality threats.

So considering the danger that misinformation presents for the digital landscape, how can advertisers proactively protect their campaigns against this growing threat?

In our latest research, IAS partnered with "YouGovto uncover the challenges that misinformation, disinformation, and fake news pose on digital media strategies. Our research found:

  • 63% of media experts report high or very high levels of concern about the spread of misinformation
  • 73% of media experts agree or strongly agree that ad buyers and sellers must actively avoid misinformation
  • 42% of media experts are concerned about the impact on their company’s reputation in the event of an adjacency near misinformation

Download the full research, Misinformation & Media Quality, to explore the actions that digital media experts are taking to protect their campaigns against the growing threat of misinformation.

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