IAS Context Control Case Study with Bench Media

Reduce Costs and Increase Conversions with Context Control


With the impending deprecation of the cookie, digital marketers are exploring targeting alternatives outside of third-party cookies. This includes Bench Media, a programmatic marketing agency based in Australia. One of the alternative solutions available is to target audiences via contextual relevancy using IAS's Context Control.

Bench Media ran a head-to-head test with IAS and a major DSP’s audience targeting segments across three of their clients across three different industries with the goal of understanding which solution would be able to deliver cost-efficient yet scalable results.

As a result of the test, Bench Media found that by using IAS's Context Control solutions, they saw improvements in key metrics such as CPM, CTR, CPC, and video completion rate. Some key highlights include:

  • 36% decrease in Cost Per Click
  • 21% increase in Click-Through Rate

Download the toolkit to view the full case study and to learn more about our Contextual Targeting solution.


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