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Brand suitability

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While brand safety continues to be top of mind for digital advertisers, the content boom has opened up opportunities for brands to do more than simply protect their reputation. Brand suitability represents a new gold standard of advertising within environments that are not only safe, but also suitable: they align with the core values, messaging, and goals of the brand. It's more important than ever for brands to establish a clear point of view on the types of content and advertising environments that align with their values and goals. Read below to learn how campaigns can reach their full potential with industry-leading contextual intelligence solution, built for brands and publishers.

Step 1: Target away from unsafe content

Let’s face it: there is a lot of content on the internet, and a large section of it isn’t appropriate for any brand. The first step to our solution is making sure that you aren’t advertising next to content that references the obviously unsafe content, like violence, terrorism, or sexual content. Traditional approaches to this step often cause over-protection that can needlessly reduce scale or worse, lead to under-protection. Our approach doesn’t.

Step 2: Target towards contextually relevant content

While safety should always be the bottom line, it shouldn’t be your only decision when it comes to implementing your ad strategy. Our Contextual Intelligence solution uses cognitive semantic technology that dynamically detects the context and sentiment of the page, resulting in the most precise classification of content. This means that you can intentionally avoid specific content, but also use contextual targeting to direct your spend towards content that will amplify your brand message. For situations where there may be a gray area over the usage of the word, we’re incorporating over 20 years of natural language processing to scan for connotation and meaning.

Step 3: Build your brand

Your brand is unique and your brand suitability solution should be too. Our Contextual Intelligence technology allows stronger brand building and more customization than ever before. Choose from carefully curated contextual categories or define your own to run hyper-targeted campaigns in the most suitable environments. To appeal to your human consumer base, you need real human intel to understand the nuances of language. Build your brand by finding the most impactful place to run your ads, while creating the most meaningful connections. 

Calculate potential annual savings

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Brand safety savings up to

based on H2 2017 auto benchmark of 6.7% of display ads next to risky content and 9.1% of video ads

Ad fraud savings up to

based on H2 2017 auto benchmark of 1.3% of display impressions are fraudulent and 3.5% of video

How IAS brand suitability helps publishers

With IAS, publishers will now be able to more accurately classify their page content to provide an intelligent and personalized brand safety solution to their advertisers. Using advanced solutions, publisher clients of IAS will be able to apply the smart inventory packaging to maximize their content’s value, page by page, for optimal yield.

IAS is committed to maximizing the value of publisher inventory to make every impression count. With our enhanced brand suitability offering, IAS will continue to partner with publishers to package, sell, and optimize inventory while meeting buyers’ custom brand suitability needs in real-time. IAS's Contextual Intelligence solution for publishers increases revenue and drives yield optimization.

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