Social Ads and Consumer Perception

Driving engagement with in-feed advertising


With the unparalleled reach and universal adoption of social media, it's no wonder that social ad spend is projected to reach $2.7 billion in Australia alone by 2024. As media budgets continue to flow to social platforms, how can advertisers unlock the power of context to protect and grow their brands?

In our latest research, IAS aims to shed light on consumers' overall social media usage and better understand their perception of in-feed advertising. Specifically, how does the contextual relevance of in-feed advertisements impact consumer perception and influence purchase intent?

Here's a sneak peek of what our study revealed:
  • 91% of online AU consumers currently use at least one social media account
  • 40% of online AU consumers agree that the growth of fake news has made them less trusting of the ads they see on their social feeds
  • 44% of online AU consumers will have an unfavourable view of a brand whose ad appears next to content that does not align with the brand’s image

Download the full research, Social Ads and Consumer Perception, to find out how advertisers can optimize their social media ad spend through the lens of the consumer.

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