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Today we release our newest research on Connected TV (CTV) trends in Australia.

The report explores how CTV is shaping the future of digital content consumption among Australian consumers and how they feel about the ad-supported streaming experience.

Key highlights from the report advertisers need to know:

  • 91% of consumers surveyed say they stream content on CTV and 97% of CTV users have access to a paid subscription to ad-free platforms.
  • 73% of Australian consumers use their connected TV to watch YouTube with ads.
  • 94% of Australian consumers say there are features of the CTV ad experience that make it better than linear TV including the ability to skip ads, fewer ads and shorter ads.

What's clear is that Australian consumers have been quick to embrace CTV and streaming platforms as the future of television, and they have high expectations for ad relevance in these new digital environments.

Download our report today to learn more about understanding these latest consumer habits to plan your CTV campaigns effectively and maximise your business outcomes.


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