Game Day Digital Strategy

Driving consumer ad engagement during
major sporting events



Major sporting events bring in vast viewership in the U.S., with a projected 65.5 million viewers in 2022 alone. And as sports programs become even more reputable for their can't-miss ads, it's no surprise that marketers are actively seeking these ad placements to reach consumers.

But how can advertisers truly tap into the massive sports audience to drive engagement?

In our latest research, we wanted to understand the consumer ad experience when watching major sports events. Specifically, we aimed to uncover how the ad experience differs between traditional TV and digital streaming platforms.

Our research revealed:

  • 90% of consumers who use streaming services agree that their ad experience is better on digital streaming platforms than traditional TV when watching sports
  • 45% of consumers are likely to remember a brand or product with contextually relevant advertising during a major sporting event
  • 43% of consumers find ads helpful when planning for activities leading up to a sporting event

Download the full research, Game Day Digital Strategy, to get your marketing campaigns ready for kickoff.

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