Constructing your Quality Path

How media quality strengthens 
supply path optimization strategies


Rebuild your supply path strategy with quality

Programmatic advertising is rapidly growing in adoption among marketers, but the purchasing experience is getting more complicated. Industry experts recognize that it's critical to implement supply path optimization (SPO) into their programmatic strategy to ease the complexity — but recent IAS research found that media quality threats and lack of transparency are still a problem in programmatic buying.

So how can marketers optimize their supply path strategies for both cost efficiency and higher media quality?

In our latest research, we highlight the impact of Quality Path Optimization (QPO) — an advanced media strategy that identifies the most effective supply paths with both quality inventory and cost efficiency at the forefront.

Here's a snapshot of what we discovered:
  • 91% of media experts believe qCPM is important for evaluating supply path performance
  • 89% of media experts endorsed multiple benefits of using QPO over SPO
  • +12pp: In an experiment, adding quality metrics lifted media experts’ confidence in path optimization decisions by 12 percentage points

Download our latest research, Constructing your Quality Path, to see how quality can revolutionize your path optimization strategy.

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