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Research exploring consumer preferences, behaviors and ad receptivity

After witnessing years of growing adoption, connected TV (CTV) has finally accelerated into the forefront of media consumption as consumers’ preferred streaming device. With content creation and audiences increasing by the minute, advertisers are looking to shift budgets away from linear television and toward this modern streaming method.

Where are consumers looking? YouTube. Consumers are not only streaming YouTube through CTV devices, but they also prefer YouTube to all other ad-supported streaming services on CTV. 

IAS ran an online survey to understand how CTV users feel about YouTube content and accompanying ads on the device. We discovered...

  • 54% of consumers are motivated to view an ad to completion on YouTube CTV if personally relevant, regardless of the video's content
  • 44% of consumers are more receptive to YouTube CTV ads near brand-suitable, premium content
  • 32% of consumers would feel favorable or very favorable towards the brand next to high-quality content

Download the full YouTube CTV research to find out more.

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