Tweets, Trends, and    In-Feed Advertising

Consumers talk advertising preferences
on Twitter and beyond


Is non-intrusive advertising too good to be true?

Nearly 1 in 3 of consumers spend 5+ hours scrolling every day. That's almost a third of the time the average human spends awake. With consumers fixed on social media, it's no surprise that advertisers have also shifted their attention to these platforms.

Social media platforms have adapted as well. In-feed advertising on platforms has contributed to a more seamless social media experience—consumers can view ads as they scroll, minimizing disruptions to their content consumption. Not only is the experience less intrusive, but 92% of consumers say they are actively engaging with in-feed ads.

Known for keeping its users up to date on trending topics, Twitter delivers an in-feed advertising experience stitched directly into its evolving newsfeed. Our latest consumer research examines social media usage and behaviors. How do consumers feel about in-feed advertising? What is the likelihood they would engage with brands on Twitter?

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