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Privacy policies are evolving — and so are targeting strategies

Data privacy is experiencing a major evolution. Cookies are on their way out, Apple device IDs are soon-to-be no more — and these are just a few of the impending data changes that the digital world is expecting. In fact, amidst these shifts, online privacy is a growing concern for consumers too, with 67% saying they’re more vigilant than ever when it comes to their data.

In this report, IAS partnered with YouGov and a top market research firm to survey both consumers and digital media professionals to understand their thoughts and expectations regarding upcoming online data policy changes. Diving deeper, this research identifies key strategies for advertisers to implement in this new era of privacy — and media quality is at the forefront.

Here’s a preview of what we found:

  • 99% of consumers agree that online privacy is important when browsing online
  • 66% of consumers are likely to visit a brand or product’s website after being served a targeted advertisement
  • 51% of media experts say that media quality will become more important to ensure the right audiences are being reached

Download the research, The Future of Privacy-First Advertising, to get a pulse on how consumers view their online privacy, and why industry experts think media quality is the solution for tackling evolving data policies.

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