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The constant pace of digital advertising development and evolving consumer demands continue to make the digital landscape more complex and bring new challenges for those of us in the advertising ecosystem. 

While navigating this dynamic, yet complex landscape, it is critical that you are confident in the investment of your digital ad spend, understanding whether your ad had the opportunity to be seen by a real consumer and that it appeared in an appropriate environment. With media quality tools, it is possible to measure and gain insight into the performance of digital campaigns, whilst understanding the true value of your investment. 

We have launched IAS Academy to enable you to protect your digital investment in the age of uncertainty and at the same time, boost your digital marketing skills! 

Our detailed program, with flexible self-paced training and assessments, will empower you to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape and maximize the effectiveness of your media investment. Explore the curriculum now and earn your digital badge today! 

Agency Essentials:

From learning the fundamentals of digital advertising and the importance of media quality, to understanding how IAS can empower you to find Quality Impressions™ to efficiently and effectively reach your ideal audience, the Agency Essentials program will upskill your industry knowledge and understanding of working with IAS to ensure you’re confident when applying Media Quality to your campaign strategy. You’ll also have the opportunity to dive into the more technical aspects of setup and troubleshooting, so that you can launch your campaigns with media quality in mind. 

Traders Essentials:

Designed specifically for Traders leveraging DSPs for campaigns, the Traders Essentials program will guide you through the fundamentals of media quality and the programmatic landscape, whilst leading the way for understanding of how to utilize IAS’ pre-bid segments. From set up and reporting, to QA and troubleshooting, build your confidence and bolster your skills when navigating the programmatic landscape and using IAS’s Pre-bid technology. 

Questions? Explore our FAQ. Get started today! Click here to enroll in the IAS Academy.

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