IAS Launches New Contextual ROI Tool, 'Control Panel'


A suite of reporting tools built for marketers

Contextual targeting is more important than ever. So to make targeting even more actionable, we launched our Control Panel – a suite of reporting and planning tools that can add limitless value and increase ROI, available only to IAS's Context Control customers.

The Control Panel suite offers the following tools:

  • Context Control Segment Catalog: Provides easy discovery of all 400+ Context Control Avoidance & Targeting off-the-shelf segments all in one place
  • Contextual Targeting Reporting: Offers insights into targeting segment performance, specifically focusing on viewability, reach, and programmatic dimensions
  • Contextual Targeting Profiles: Enables clients to bundle all of their desired targeting segments into one profile with a single segment ID for easy activation in their DSP
Through IAS's Control Panel, you can confidently plan, ease activation, evaluate, and optimise your campaigns all in one place. Download the one sheet to get started.

Download One Sheet

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