Ad Context & Attention
The impact of contextually relevant ads on attention and outcomes


The human eye doesn't lie.

Contextual relevance is one of the industry's hottest topics, and it's clear why. In a digital landscape that seems like a revolving door for content, context can be the key to driving awareness for your brand. In order to prove that, we wanted to directly capture the correlation between context and consumer attention.

So we went straight to the source.

In our latest research, IAS partnered with Tobii Pro Insight and HP to track consumer eyesight to investigate firsthand how HP ads perform when in-context versus out-of-context. We compared the effectiveness of one HP ad alongside two different content environments to see how attention and outcomes differ between in- and out-of-context display ads. Here's a sneak peek at what we found:

  • +14%: Purchase intent was 14% higher among consumers who viewed the in-context ad
  • +5%: Consumers reported a 5% increase in favorability toward HP after seeing the in-context ad
  • 4x: When unaided by a list, consumers were four times more likely to remember HP after seeing an in-context ad vs. out-of-context ad

Context is powerful – you just have to see for yourself. Download the research now to learn how contextually relevant ads can eliminate distractions and lead you to better outcomes.

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